HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Fan

Ceiling Mounted
Tubercle Technology five-blade design
Floor Fan


Cost Savings at every turn.

Experience increased comfort and productivity.

HVLS fans gently moved air at optimized speed over your employees and visitors, so they stay cool, confortable and productive in the summer.

Enjoy greater energy efficiency and cost savings.

Our large HVLS fan costs just pennies an hour to operate.

Year-round energy savings.

A space without an HVLS fan will have uneven temperature zones that waste energy dollars. The hot air accumulates at the ceiling and cold air will sink to the floor, making your HVAC system inefficient and increasing your energy consumption.

Tubercle Technology increased blade pitch means more air.

HVLS fans can be used in hundreds of applications :

> Manufacturing facilities
> Distribution centres
> Warehouses
> Barns and farm buildings
> Airports
> Convention centres
> Stadiums and arenas
> Health clubs
> Atheletic facilities
> Schools and universities
> Retail stores
> Shopping malls
> Auto dealerships
> Libraries
> Hospitals
> Religious facilities
> Hotels
> Theaters
> Bars and restaurants
> And many, many more
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