Solar Attic Extraction Fan

Solar Attic Extraction Fan

The 30W Green-vent Solar includes:


The ECS is an automated system for running the fan when the environmental conditions demand it. If the temperature or humidity in the attic space is too high the fan will operate. Once conditions return to lower levels, the fan will stop running.

Benefits of using Green-vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan:

- Keep your house or office cooler in summer.

- Reduce your energy costs - use less electricity to cool your house.

- Guaranteed performance - no wind required.

- Extremely quiet operation.

- Quick and easy installation - 30 minutes or less.

- Fully adjustable solar panel - tilts and rotates.

- Environment Control System (ECS) included as standard with 30W GVS.

Download Solar Attic Extraction Fan Catalogue here.