Dock Leveler

The dock leveler is necessary equipment in the logic system, to improve the efficiency of the loading process.

It could as a bridge between platforms with lorry. The dock leveler could be change the altitude distance, and suitable for

various lorry. It’s convenient that is the fork lift could into the lorry by cross the dock leveler.

Dock Leveler
Dock Leveler Pit
Dock Leveler
Dock Leveler Pit


Product Feature:

- The Master Global produce the safest Hydraulic Dock leveler, including the UMBRELLA support when the servicing time. Could be linkage with the sectional door.

- Various size is available including the inch and metric, the finished is various by RAL color system and galvanized

- It is the smooth dock leveler, including rear arc bridge design, the front lip 5 degree design.

- The smooth lip design decreased the good damaged.

- Standard 380VAC power, single bottom could be operated dock leveler, could be linkage with the sectional door.

- Dynamic load is 6~25 Ton

- Use the anti- corrupt steel, the platform uses the anti- slip tear-plated.

- The Hydraulic unit use the euro-imported products, reliably and Low maintenance rate

- The accessory as following: Bumper; Single light; Platform Bumper; LED light; Wheel Support; the Guide rail.

Hydraulic benefits:

- Lowest lifetime cost

- Easier to opearate without chain pulling or walkdown

- Safer for employees and freight

Download Dock Leveler Catalogue here.