Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Car Lift
Transport vehicle between different building floor levels, e.g. retail premises, show-rooms and car parks.

- lifting capacity up to 2500kg
-stroke up to 7000mm
- platform size up to 7500mm x 2500mm.

Elevating Dock
A lift table with Single scissors. It have multi-purpose applications and are normally used to solve issues with handling, difference in levels, production and logistic areas.

- lifting capacity up to 10000kg
- stroke up to 2000mm
- platform size up to 3000mm x 2000mm

Doule Scissor Lift
Double scissor lift is designed with two or multiple sets of scissors place end to end achieve the requested platform length and lifting capacity

- lifting capacity up to 8000kg
- stroke up to 2000mm
- platform size up to 6000mm x 2000mm

In addition to the standard equipment, it is possible to provide these lift tables with a range of accessories to enhance safety, versatility, application and to simplify handling.


1. Mobie Base Frame
2. Flange Wheel Base frame
3. Roll-off guard
4. Load flap
5. Recessed circular turntable
6. Rectangular turntable
7. Mechanical shotbolts
8. Pallet truck frame
9. Side barrier rails
10. Goal post barrier
11. Gate
12. Tilt
13. Photocell control
14. Roller conveyor
15-16. Bellows/Chain mesh/Roller curtain
Download Elevating Dock Lift catalogue here.
Download MG Lift catalogue here.